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Spiritual Counselling Skills Diploma Course

Spiritual Counselling Skills Diploma Course

The Spiritual Counselling Skills Diploma Course explains the importance of spiritual counselling, its multi-disciplined approach to healing and problem solving, how clients are assessed and matched with the best treatment, and what those treatments are.

The course begins with an introduction to spiritual counselling’s core concepts and an overview of the modalities used in its practice, before exploring each of these in greater depth.

The occurrence of a challenging situation usually originates from an imbalance in energy. As such, correcting the flow of energy is important. You’ll follow an introduction to the treatments that rectify the flow of energy within the body.

You'll become familiar with the seven energy centres (chakras), why chakra cleansing and balancing is important, and the methods used to align them. The course offers an introduction to the essential oils that heal and balance the chakras and the sacred herbs used in spiritual cleansing and negative energy detoxing.

You will be introduced to spiritual kinesiology and the five basic elements that govern the flow of energy within a person, the re-framing and anchoring techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

You will explore the different approaches for raising your vibration and how doing so can eliminate a multitude of spiritual problems. You’ll discover some of the methods used to treat, heal and retrieve the soul. You will also learn about the higher self and soul awakening.

Meditation can be an effective way to resolve many issues – you’ll learn the basic meaning of meditation, the many different types, and how it can help when addressing problems.

You’ll get to know how the subconscious and the super-conscious minds govern our reality through the use of the Law of Attraction and the various methods you can use to manifest your desires. You’ll also be introduced to various techniques that will sharpen your intuition, and receive guidance on how to use your intuition to take inspired actions and improve decision-making.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

Discover spiritual counselling’s core concepts and the modalities used in its practice
✔ Explore spiritual kinesiology, chakra energy centres, energy flow, and energy healing
✔ Understand how to manifest your desires and sharpen your intuition
✔ Learn about various types of meditation
✔ Be aware of the methods used to raise a person’s vibration
✔ Gain insight into soul work

This course provides an introduction to spiritual counselling and the various methods used to aid those in need of healing on a deep, spiritual level – to help them activate their inner resources and wisdom; to connect with their true spiritual essence to heal themselves.
The course can also be used to improve your own life – to grow and develop, experience a sense of spiritual expansion, increase in confidence, become more open and intuitive, and be more able to face life’s challenges.
Completing this course alone does not qualify you to work as a spiritual counsellor but introduces you to the skills and methods used, so that you may continue onto further study both in counselling and in the healing modalities you wish to use when working with clients.

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