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Marine Biology Diploma Course

Marine Biology Course - Online Diploma | Study Subfields Too

Marine biology is a branch of biology dedicated to the study of the marine environment and its life forms. This includes all marine organisms – from the smallest bacteria to the largest animals – and the interactions between them and their environment, the physical and chemical properties of marine ecosystems, the role of the oceans as a global system, among numerous other subjects.

Separated into four distinct areas, this online marine biology course introduces you to the fundamentals of marine biology, marine diversity, marine ecology, and the human impact on the marine environment.

The Marine Biology Diploma Course begins with an introduction to the subject, its subfields, interrelationship with other disciplines and the main roles and responsibilities of a marine biologist. You’ll discover theories that aim to explain the formation of the Earth’s oceans and the development of the earliest life forms and explore the physical and chemical properties that enable the marine environment to support life.

We’ll observe marine diversity, beginning with organisms that are invisible to the naked eye, yet are essential to the oceans and contribute to the planet’s oxygen production. You’ll learn about marine invertebrates - how they are classified and how they’ve evolved to survive in the ocean - and marine vertebrates, including birds, fishes, reptiles, and marine mammals, and how they have adapted to ocean life.

You’ll learn about marine ecology - exploring the different ecosystems and habitats that exist within the marine environment, the populations and communities and the interactions that take place between them and their environment, and the food chain of marine organisms and its impact on the structure and productivity of the global system.

Finally, the course looks at the impact humanity has had on the marine environment. We’ll look at human activities such as overfishing, the introduction of invasive species, and different types of pollution. The course explains how the climate crisis impacts the ocean and the adaptation and survival of marine life, and what is being done to protect, recover, and conserve marine ecosystems and ensure the sustainable use of its resources.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Learn the fundamentals of marine biology
✔ Get to know the living organisms of the oceans
✔ Become familiar with marine ecosystems and habitats
✔ Understand the impact humans have had on the marine environment

If you look to the sea and wonder about the world that exists there – seemingly separate but completely entwined with our own  – and the lifeforms that call it home, then this course is for you.

If you are interested in conservation and sustainability, this course will guide you in the effects that humanity is having on the oceans and what can be done to protect, preserve, and restore marine ecosystems and organisms.

If you intend on following a career in this subject, this course will provide you with an interesting and enjoyable foundation of knowledge from which to build upon with advanced study and qualifications, along with informing you of the various specialisms within marine biology.
Marine Biology Diploma Course

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