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Holistic Herbal Product Making Diploma Course

Holistic Herbal Product Making Course | Learn Herbal Skin Care

Welcome to the Holistic Herbal Product Making Diploma Course, where you can immerse yourself in herb-based formulations for your face, body, and hair, with recipes for all skin and hair types.

We want you to make beautiful, gentle, effective holistic skincare products, where herbs are the star of the show. But we’re going to make sure you learn herbal skin care to an extensive level, so you'll cover plenty about the other ingredients in the featured formulations too.

The Holistic Herbal Product Making Diploma Course begins by imparting essential foundational knowledge regarding the anatomy and physiology of the skin and hair, looking at these structures at a microscopic level. You’ll consider what can damage them, how our diet and lifestyle influence the skin, and become familiar with common conditions that affect the skin and hair.

We’ll proceed with a look through key base ingredients used when formulating holistic skincare products and delve into healing herbal oils, which includes a comprehensive review of a large number of carrier oils and guidance on how to match carrier oils with skin types. You’ll be guided through creating healing, herb-infused oils and explore the popular art of cleansing with carrier oils.

With this high level of comprehension in place, the course proceeds to focus on specific areas of treatment and the products you can create. This begins with an explanation of how to formulate fabulous and fun bath products, from oils to melts and bath bombs.

We look at how to formulate rich and moisturising products, such as body butters designed specifically for dry skin, and the art of formulating exfoliating products. You’ll also discover how to carefully formulate for oily skin, balancing astringency within your products, and look at anti-inflammatory and healing herbs, alongside spot treatments, such as gels. You’ll also be guided through formulating gentle treatments for the face - making creams, masks and serums.

You’ll learn about CBD oil - what this popular ingredient is, how it works and how it can be safely added to skincare products, taking an evidence-based approach to assessing the skin issues that may benefit from its application.

You’ll learn about holistic herbal haircare, discover the pitfalls of homemade products and how to avoid them, and explore effective, user-friendly formulations that can make a real difference to the hair and scalp.

If you are looking to start or branch out into creating your own holistic herbal products, this course will take you from complete beginner to crafting your own unique products that are safe, effective, and unique.

The course will be of particular interest if you already create your own products, such as soaps or essential oils, and want to expand your product range. Similarly, if you are already providing holistic treatments, creating your own products to use and sell is a great way to add to your business offering, diversify your income streams, and help you stand out from the competition.
Holistic Herbal Product Making Diploma Course

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