Fantasy Writing Diploma Course
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Fantasy Writing Diploma Course

Fantasy Writing Diploma Course

Get started writing fantasy fiction! Whether your inner bard is itching to write some epic poetry or you have an entire seven-book series scribbled on a pile of napkins, this course will give you the theory and practice you need to get it out!

The Fantasy Writing Diploma Course starts by defining the genre, subgenres and tropes that make a fantasy story what it is – and look at what it is not. You’ll find your niche, understand how to use and subvert tropes, and figure out what makes your story tick.

Worldbuilding is at the core of any fantasy writing project. You’ll discover how to build a believable world, populate it with relatable characters, and delve deep into the inner workings of magic and myth. Once your world is built, you’ll go on an adventure with your characters, looking at the popular fantasy structure of the hero’s journey, as well as some alternatives.

You’ll discover how to structure a story, plan ahead and use ‘pantsing’ to your best advantage. The course will break down some simple structures and give examples of how to apply this to your story.

Throughout the course, you will find plenty of prompts and writing advice that will help to up your writing game. You will learn how to edit your work and where to get constructive feedback. You’ll cover pace, tone and point of view, and develop your editing skills too.

From niche fantasy markets to big publishing houses, you’ll discover how, when and where to send your work to get it published and build your writing community.

Bring your imagination and your desire to write, and by the end of the course, you’ll have a story to tell!

By studying this course, you will learn: 

✔ Become familiar with the genre, some of the forms it commonly takes, and how tropes are used within it
✔ Understand how to construct a fantasy world and create believable characters
✔ Learn how to plot and plan your story and structure your scenes
✔ Be able to put all your work together to create, edit, and polish a cohesive story
✔ Have a better understanding of how to get your work published

You may be new to writing or new to the genre – having written in others. Either way, if you are interested in building a creative writing project and you love dragons, magic and myths, and you’ve got a story you want to tell, you can build your writing and editing skills and work towards creating a piece of fantasy writing with this course.

The course will help you to develop editorial skills, and successful students could pursue writing as a hobby or a potential career.
Fantasy Writing Diploma Course

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