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Face Yoga Diploma Course

Face Yoga Course | Online Training in Facial Yoga Exercises

The Face Yoga Diploma Course provides the knowledge you need to better understand your face and exercises that you can practice at home, or teach to others, with the aim of improving your wellbeing as a whole – mental, emotional and physical. Set out over 10 modules, the course includes detailed directions on how to follow each exercise and additional video demonstrations for the more difficult moves.

The course begins by answering any questions you may have about face yoga – explaining the benefits of the practice and what it involves.

Following this introduction, the Face Yoga Diploma Course guides you through the skin and facial muscles. You’ll learn about the three layers of the skin, the causes of skin ageing and how gravity affects the overall ageing process, where the various facial muscles are positioned and the specific functions of each. Finally, you will learn about the two different types of facial wrinkles and the various ways that they might form.

As with any exercise, it is important to warm up before you begin and cool down once finished. This course outlines the importance of this and guides you through a series of relevant face yoga exercises.

With preparatory information and warm-ups and cool downs explained, the Face Yoga Diploma Course goes on to outline exercises for the forehead, eye area, nose and cheek area, mouth and lips, and the neck and jawline – explaining common complaints of, and how to work on, each area. How to do each exercise is fully explained with easy-to-follow, bullet-pointed directions, and the more difficult exercises are demonstrated in the accompanying course video.

Exercise is just one of the aspects of looking after your health and wellbeing. The Face Yoga Diploma Course highlights how lifestyle can also positively or negatively impact your skin and face and looks at basic good habits that you can start to implement into your life right now. You’ll also discover specific foods you can include in your daily diet that will enhance the benefits of your face yoga practice, along with explaining the importance of a good skincare routine.

The course culminates by guiding you in developing a daily face yoga practice bespoke to you and explaining how to go about creating and running your own face yoga class.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

✔ Have a deep understanding of face yoga
✔ Understand how face yoga fits into the overall tradition of yoga
✔ Be knowledgeable about the skin and its various functions
✔ Be aware of the different muscles in your face and how to manipulate them
✔ Know over 50 different exercises to carry out on the upper, middle and lower areas of your face
✔ Be able to develop a daily face yoga practice for yourself
✔ Have the tools to create a 30-minute class that you can teach to others
✔ Know how to support any face yoga practice with good lifestyle, diet and skincare habits

Purported to help reduce wrinkles and other markers of age while improving the contours of your face, face yoga has grown in popularity because of its success rate and also, like other forms of yoga, it is concerned with developing a person’s sense of wellbeing.

While looking good in itself doesn’t always lead to happiness, face yoga gives us the power to feel better about our appearance and control over how we look, which can have mental and emotional, along with physical, benefits.

Whether you want to learn about face yoga to make it part of your everyday routine or to start creating and running your own classes, this course provides the information you need.
Face Yoga Diploma Course

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