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Embroidery Diploma Course

Embroidery Diploma Course

One of the oldest forms of needlework, embroidery has been used from time immemorial to decorate different types of fabrics for domestic, ecclesiastical and ceremonial purposes. While it never went away, embroidery’s popularity has been renewed, with more and more modern crafters taking to their needles.

Through written explanation, illustration, and video instruction, this Embroidery Course's online modules will take you from beginner to being capable of creating your own projects. Along with the practical application of the craft, you’ll learn the theory as you explore its history and various styles.

Anglo Saxon, Norman, Medieval and the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries - the Embroidery Diploma Course begins with a look at the fascinating styles of embroidery through the ages before exploring how different cultures approach the craft, with an exploration of Indian, Chinese and Irish embroidery.

Brimming with inspiration, you’ll be taken through the equipment you’ll need, including the various types of needles, scissors and hoops available and when to use them. You’ll discover the threads and fabrics you’ll be working with and how to use needle minders and stabilisers. We also explore different types of embroidery, including Assisi, Schwalm, Crewel, and Stumpwork.

Fully-equipped and ready to get creative, the Embroidery Diploma Course guides you through all the basic stitches you’ll need to start embroidering: Backstitch, Blanket stitch, Chain stitch, Chevron stitch, Colonial knot, Coral stitch, Couching, and Satin stitch.

Once you achieve mastery over these, the course guides you further - making your work extra special with intermediate and advanced stitches. These stitches include Sheaf stitch, Woven wheel stitch, Spider web stitch, Scroll stitch, and Pekinese stitch.

As you become better acquainted with stitching and the tools of the craft, the course continues with guidance on techniques, including Huck, Sashiko, Silk Ribbon and more. You’ll also be supplied with tips that will make embroidery easier and help you to avoid common pitfalls, as we look at embroidery tinting, making patterns and patches, and how to iron embroidery.

How you end a project is as important as how you start it. With this in mind, the course provides instruction on various finishing techniques. You’ll learn how to finish the back of a completed embroidery project in a hoop, use various edge finishings, combine stitches along the edges of a project, and stretch a finished project on canvas.

The Embroidery Diploma Course concludes by providing four beginner projects that are perfect for you to apply your newfound skills. You’ll be guided through embroidering on a kitchen towel, t-shirt, pillow cover, and on denim.

Put simply, if you want to learn how to embroider, this course is for you. With the perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and practical instruction, supplied in written, illustrated and demonstrated forms, the Embroidery Diploma Course ensures comprehension and provides the information you need to not only learn how to stitch but to use the craft creatively.

What will you do with your new embroidery skills? Maybe you’ll do it as a hobby or make gifts for family and friends. Maybe you’ll even make a business out of it!

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy it. Embroidery is a great way to pass the time and create something beautiful in the process.
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