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Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course

Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course | Learn Online

Take the Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course and you’ll learn the theories behind optimal diet and nutrition, the basic building blocks of a healthy diet, and the finer details of micro and macronutrients. You’ll learn about special diets and considerations, how to use diet to combat diseases and conditions, and how to work with clients and create meal plans that will help them to reach their goals.

The Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course opens by imparting the principles of diet and nutrition. Just like a diet and nutrition advisor would do, you’ll learn what nutrition is, the types of nutrition and the importance of good nutrition. We also look at the food groups and how to balance them.

From this introduction, we dive straight in, as we learn about macronutrients – what they are, the different types, and how to incorporate them in your diet. It’s then onto micronutrients, which are separated into two types – macrominerals and microminerals. You’ll learn about the various types and benefits of each, and how to add them to your diet.

We all know we need vitamins in our diet, but do you know which you need and why? We take an exploratory view - discovering the various vitamins that we need in our diet, their benefits, the recommended daily allowance of each, the foods we can eat to meet these recommendations, and the common ailments that can occur as a result of vitamin deficiency.

Of course, we are all different, we all have different nutritional needs - one size does not fit all. The Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course considers the nutritional requirements of those trying to lose weight, athletes and bodybuilders, pregnant women, infants and children, and the elderly.

It’s not just body type that needs to be considered when assessing our nutrition requirements. Our diet plays a big part in our overall health - a change in what we consume can aid in the treatment of diseases and conditions. We look at the specifics of how dietary changes can help those with candida, Crohn’s Disease, autoimmune diseases, ADHD and diabetes.

We live in a world of varying diet choices and restrictions. In the Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course, we explore vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic, Mediterranean, South Beach, and alkaline diets – dissecting their benefits, disadvantages, variations, and what to eat and avoid when following each of them.

We take a look at probiotics and herbal and antifungal supplements. We consider the various types of each and how and why they may be used. We also look at superfoods – nutrient-rich foods that are packed with benefits. You’ll learn what they are, why you should include them in your diet, and the different types of superfoods: herbs, fruits, nuts, vegetables and others.

Another consideration when it comes to diet creation and food preparation is allergies and food intolerances. We take an in-depth look, giving you a deep understanding of food allergies, intolerances, and the causes of food poisoning.

Food labels – to some, they provide valuable information on the foods they consume. To others, they are undecipherable, while some may sit somewhere in-between. The Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course levels the playing field, providing awareness of the functions and legal requirements of food labels, explaining common food labelling terms, and passing on the knowledge of how to read food labels.

The course concludes with guidance on how to work with clients in a diet and nutrition setting and how to craft meal plans that will help clients attain their goals whilst considering their personal and dietary requirements.

If you’re looking to start and run a diet and nutrition business, this course will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to provide valuable advice and guidance to clients.

If you are looking to improve the health of yourself and your family, the Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course can help with that too. Packed with valuable and actionable information, you’ll come away with the knowledge of what the body needs to be at its healthiest and how to cater to it.
Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma Course

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