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Admin and Secretarial Skills Diploma Course

Admin and Secretarial Skills Diploma Course

If you are considering a career as a secretary or administrative assistant, this course is the perfect place to start. You’ll discover the role and responsibilities of each position, learn about the key skills required to fulfil the roles and take a look at the various industries in which you may work.

Beginning with an introduction to these career paths, the course continues with an in-depth exploration into each role.

First, we’ll scrutinise the requirements of an effective secretary, such as good communication and document processing skills. We’ll consider how to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, deal with customers, and use methods that’ll ensure you are a master of organisation.

We’ll then look at the responsibilities of an administrative assistant, such as managing diaries, organising meetings, writing, managing teams and working with finances at a basic level.

We’ll look at some of the soft skills that are useful in the roles of a secretary and an administrative assistant. These include prioritising tasks, managing time, understanding technology and planning. We’ll also consider some traits that are beneficial in both roles. We’ll examine methods to manage stress, ensure good personal presentation, problem solve, work as part of a team and resolve conflicts.

The course concludes with guidance on how to write an effective cover letter and key interview techniques.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Understand the roles and responsibilities of both professions
✔ Learn key secretarial and administration skills
✔ Become familiar with the soft skills and personality traits required in the roles
✔ Receive guidance in applying for a secretarial or administrative position

The course will be beneficial, if you wish to learn about the roles and responsibilities of secretaries and administrative assistants and gain knowledge about the skills and traits required to be successful.

Should you wish to pursue a career as a secretary or administrative assistant, you may be required to complete a professional qualification or apprenticeship or have gained experience in order to secure your first appointment.
Secretarial, PA & Office Administration Diploma

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