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Introduction to Design Management in Construction

Introduction to Design Management in Construction

Introduction to Design Management in Construction

The management of architectural, engineering and subcontractor's design delivery on building developments in the UK

- Design Management in Construction
- An introduction to the construction and architecture industry in the UK
- A particular focus on Contractor-Led and Design-Build projects
- What a design manager does and what the job entails
- Understand what 'the design' is and how it is managed, tracked and reported on
- Design delivery processes and frameworks and an introduction to the RIBA Plan of Work
- How funding, procurement and technology have influenced the role of the design manager
- How to work as a design manager contractor-led and design-build procurement projects
- Preconstruction, development, construction delivery design managers and how each role differs
- Who is in the professional design team (ie engineers, architects, specialist suppliers etc) and how to work with them
- The design programme

Who is this course for?

Anyone new to the UK industry

This course is ideal for design professionals or builders moving to the UK from abroad, and who want a refresher on the design-build industry in general, or need to understand what is expected of the role in the United Kingdom.

Graduates, Design and Technical Coordinators

Most design managers start out in support roles as assistant design and technical managers, or coordinators. This course provides an overview of all aspects of the job.

Architects, Engineers, Designers

Professional designers manage the design process as part of their training, however design and technical managers working for contractors and developers usually come from professional design backgrounds

What is Design Management?

Design management is an essential tool within a consulting, investment, or contracting organisation that oversees design development, manages the appointment of consultants and specialist sub-contractors, obtains relevant approvals from local authorities and arranges design deliverables in a timely manner to meet the master construction programme.

Managing Design Delivery and Information

The design and construction process follows a sequence of activities which vary depending upon the type of project and the chosen procurement route. A design and technical manager basically tracks and manages the design development process from inception, through to manufacture, completion and occupation of the building

Managing the Design Professionals

On a construction project there are traditional designers, such as architects, structural and civil engineers, building services engineers and also specialist subcontractors with a CDP design responsibility. Design management is not only about managing design processes but also about managing different stakeholders and this include


- Some construction or architectural / engineering, building or subcontracting or design knowledge and experience is preferable but not mandatory
- This is aimed at entry-level (there is a comprehensive, advanced course under construction) and can be completed by anyone with some basic architectural, design, management or construction experience.

Who this course is for:

- People working on a building site - construction managers, foremen and other tradespeople
- Design coordinators and design managers who work in the field and are looking to progress their careers
- Architects, engineers, interiors designers and other design professionals looking to make a career change and move into design management
- Supply chain subcontractors who manage design such as structural steel frames, prefabricated elements, kitchens, lighting etc
- Developers, investors and employers who appoint design managers to represent their design interests

Introduction to Design Management in Construction
Introduction to Design Management in Construction

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