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Online Degree Program to Become a Data Scientist

Online Degree Program to Become a Data Scientist

Data Science and Engineering E-Degree

Build your career in Data Science using tools like Python, Excel, R, Tableau, MySQL, PySpark and multiple hands-on projects.

What You Will Learn

This Data Science & Engineering E-Degree will give you insights into all the essential concepts along with trending tools & technologies revolving around data science. It includes structured modules that will help you learn:

- Programming for data science
- Data Science tool set - beginner to advanced
- Steps & process involved in data science
- Data collection, cleaning & visualization
- Statistics & mathematics behind data science
- Machine learning with Python
- Business intelligence
- Data analytics
- Data engineering- basic to advanced

Topics Covered In Data Science and Engineering E-Degree

Module 1: Data Scientist Tool Set - The Starter Tools
Module 2: Advanced Tools for Data Scientists
Module 3: Basic Data Visualization
Module 4: Statistics & Mathematics for Data Science
Module 5: Machine Learning with Python
Module 6: Business Intelligence
Module 7: Basic Data Analytics
Module 8: Data Engineering Basics
Module 9: Professional Data Engineering

Some of the projects included in the program are:

- Data manipulation with Excel lab.csv
- Data visualization from prosper loan data set
- Data visualization and optimized classification
- Linear regression implementation
- Telecom churn prediction
- Edge Book Shop database management

Job Opportunities You Can Aim

- Data Analyst
- Data Scientist
- Database Administrator
- Data Engineer
- Database Architect
- Statistician
- Machine Learning Engineer
- Business Intelligence Analyst
- Marketing Analyst
- Opertaion Analyst
- Data Warehouse Architect

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Online Degree Program to Become a Data Scientist

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