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WordPress Course: Start Learning WordPress from Scratch

WordPress Course: Start Learning WordPress from Scratch

WordPress Course: How to Use this CMS to Manage Your Website

Learn how to use WordPress to manage your website, choose themes, and add various plugins: all from this WordPress course

What Will You Learn?

- How to choose a domain name
- How to find hosting services
- How to use WordPress to manage your website
- How to choose a theme for your website

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. It offers many features: some of them are built-in, and others can be installed additionally. One of the beneficial attributes of WordPress is its SEO-friendly approach, meaning that the system gives you the tools to perform SEO optimization. In this WordPress course, I will walk you through the process of creating and managing WordPress websites, choosing the theme, and installing additional plugins to extend the functionality. 

This course on how to create a WordPress website for beginners explains each step in great detail. First, you need to find suitable hosting services: I will provide you with one of the cheapest options in this WordPress course. Then, you need to choose an available domain name and purchase it. The third step involves the method of incorporating WordPress into your website and using it to control the content and its appearance. 

Features of WordPress 

Learning WordPress might be challenging for beginners that have never worked with content management systems. Therefore, by getting the basics and seeing the process step by step, you will be able to launch your website without any issues. 

WordPress is a platform for starting a website without any assistance from programmers or web designers. Therefore, it is a reliable option for small businesses or any side hustles you might consider launching. In this WordPress course, you will learn the meaning and purpose of content management systems. For instance, the word content refers to everything you put on a website: headings, styling options, posts, contact information, etc. 

How to get WordPress services completely for free? 

You can choose the free plan for learning WordPress and avoid any hosting or setting-up fees. However, the free plan is best suited for personal blogs and other non-commercial websites. If you are launching your business, it might be best to choose another plan (they are quite cheap as well). 

There are some drawbacks and limitations when choosing the free WordPress plan. For instance, your domain name will feature the brand name, only 3GB of storage space, and advertisements. Therefore, I will show you other options that might be more beneficial to you. For instance, one of the tips will reveal the trick of finding domain names for a low price.  

What will you find in this WordPress course? 

In this WordPress tutorial, we will go over all the steps necessary for using WordPress for your website. I will help you find a suitable hosting service that is the best option for people living on a low-budget. Additionally, I will help you find a domain name and purchase it. Then, we will set up WordPress for our website and choose a theme. 

One of the most important things in this WordPress course is learning about the dashboard and its use. I will show you how to publish posts on your website, choose logos, etc. Additionally, I will reveal the must-have plugins that can greatly enhance your website. While some plugins are built-in, you can definitely add some more. 

WordPress Course: How to Use this CMS to Manage Your Website
WordPress Course: Start Learning WordPress from Scratch

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