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Spirit Writing and Drawing Diploma Course

Spirit Writing and Drawing Diploma Course

Quiet the mind and connect to yourself and your spirit guides – expose your deepest fears, and receive messages that will guide to the answers you seek.

Spirit writing (and drawing), also known as automatic writing or psychography, is a skill that can be developed in order to write subconsciously. The hand moving across the paper in a free flowing manner, creating words and symbols to be deciphered. This course is your guide to using spirit writing and drawing to uncover your deepest concerns and attaining the guidance that’ll help you to work past them.

Learn what spirit writing and drawing is and how it came about. Discover your spirit guides, what kind of spirit guides they may be, and the ways in which they may work and communicate with you.

We’ll look into trance mediumship, follow a trance meditation and uncover how certain kinds of breathwork can help us to gain a trance state. You’ll also learn how to work with white noise when communicating with your spirit guides and spirit team, and how white noise has been used in treating people.

Investigate how to protect and ground yourself properly, before moving on to learn about channelling – what it is used for and why. You’ll practise channelling techniques and learn about offering gratitude to your spirit team for their help and guidance.

Develop your understanding of psychometry, how to use spirit writing and drawing alongside psychometry, and practise using psychometry on yourself and others. Learn about clairaudience and how to bring your own gifts to fruition, and how to develop your spirit writing and drawing techniques through spiritual awareness.

Alongside learning about the skills and methods used in spirit writing and drawing, you’ll also gain insight into what’s involved in developing a spirit writing and drawing business.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

Understand what spirit writing and drawing is
✔ Discover how to work with your spirit guides
✔ Learn methods and techniques to strengthen your spirit bond and psychic skills
✔ Gain insight into developing a spirit writing and drawing business

This course is a beginner level introduction, designed for those who are new to this form of psychic awareness and wish to develop their spirit writing and drawing abilities.

By following the course and engaging with spirit writing and drawing, you can expect to experience many benefits such as an improved connection with your higher self, increased clarity, and stronger intuition. You may also notice yourself feeling calmer and more at peace, and more positive with a general sense of belonging.

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