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Master Python Fundamentals the Fun Way: an Interactive Python Tutorial

Master Python Fundamentals the Fun Way: an Interactive Python Tutorial

A Python training course for absolute beginners who wants to master the language without getting bored!

What you'll learn 

 What Python fundamentals are and how to use them
 What functions, loops, and statements are
 How to create a dictionary in Python
 How to work with Python lists


A PC or a Mac (no mobile support yet)
 An Internet connection


This interactive Python tutorial is the best place to learn Python for absolute beginners – and here are the reasons why!

Python uses unique syntax, so even if you are familiar with other programming languages, learning Python fundamentals (such as dictionaries, lists, loops, and functions) will be a brand new experience. Python syntax is made to be very readable – that's why Python training must also be focused towards writing clear, readable and understandable code.

If you want to learn Python, it is not enough to read a textbook or the official documentation. A text may explain the necessary concepts, but it's not the best option of learning Python for absolute beginners: you also need to see the code in action. Learning a programming language without coding is like trying to learn a foreign language without ever speaking a word. To truly know any language, you must use it!

Master Python Fundamentals in an Interactive Way! 

The interactive Python tutorial provides you with theory and then tests your newly gained knowledge by giving simple tasks. First, you are introduced to an aspect of the language (e.g., how to create a dictionary in Python). Don't worry: the theory comes in small, digestible chunks, and you won’t find any huge blocks of text and code – just the essential information you need to complete the lecture. Armed with theory, you will be able to do the task at hand. Helpful hints will lead you to the solution!

Each lesson in this Python tutorial will lay the foundation for the next one. This way, you’ll go from learning variables to functions, lists, and loops. You might not even know what some of these words mean now, but after you complete this Python tutorial, you’ll be able to use the concepts without breaking a sweat!

A Python Course That Leaves No Questions Unanswered 

Python is often described as an interpreted, object-oriented high-level programming language for general-purpose programming (that’s a smart way to say “for doing everything”). A lot of developers choose to take Python training because the language's focus on readability increases productivity, breaks down the barriers between programmers with different levels of experience, and, in doing so, reduces the cost of program development and maintenance.

Different features of Python are the building blocks used in a lot of web applications and platforms. NASA famously uses Python, as well as the Google search engine, YouTube, Wikipedia, CERN, and Reddit. So if there’s one reason you should want to learn Python, it is its applicability. All in all, it is an extremely useful tool to have on your belt!

Learn How to Create a Dictionary in Python – and So Much More! 

This Python course will take you from understanding the basics to using the unique Python syntax on your own. It’s easy to put learning off, even if you really want to learn, but with this Python tutorial, you won’t want to look for excuses! It is a simple, easy and informative learning experience – why don’t you click that button now and start learning Python?

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