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Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course

Vegan Nutrition Course | Learn To Be a Nutritionist Online

If you’ve been thinking about becoming vegan but don’t know where to start, start with this Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course. It takes you from absolute novice, to being capable of running your own nutritionist business. We cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of transitioning into and following a balanced vegan diet. You'll also be shown how to run a business helping others to do the same.

The Vegan Nutrition Course begins by considering what veganism is. It answers the questions, ‘What do vegans avoid?’ and ‘Where did veganism all begin?’. You'll take a fascinating look into veganism around the world and throughout history. You’ll also learn about the health and environmental benefits of veganism, along with the moral benefits of this lifestyle choice.

As with any diet, balance is important in veganism. We outline the common mistakes made when following a vegan diet. The course covers what you can do to meet your protein, calcium, iron and other nutritional needs, and how to create effective meal plans.

Going from another type of diet into the vegan diet is known as ‘transitioning’. The Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course discusses different transitioning methods. You'll also learn about the difficulties and how to monitor your health during this period.

The second half of the course explains how you can use the knowledge you’ve gained to run a nutritionist business.

You’ll learn how to create your own consultations for your nutritionist practice, and see why they are important. You’ll discover the varying nutritional needs of different client types. There'll be a particular focus on pregnant women, infants and children, and athletes and bodybuilders. From there, you’ll explore approaches to ongoing care and how you can use group therapy to reach a wider client base.

Running your own business, no matter which industry you work in, requires knowledge of the day-to-day tasks and processes. The Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course takes you through the considerations you must make in order to be successful. We'll walk you through premises, insurance, accounting, professional conduct, branding and marketing.

The course rounds out with a case study and the opportunity for you to create your own case study.

Anyone interested in transitioning to a balanced vegan diet, or helping others to do so, will gain a lot from this course. You’ll learn both the theory and practice of working as a nutritionist and setting up your own business. That's besides truly discovering the vegan diet - seeing why it can be beneficial to health, and how it can be balanced and nutritionally complete. Even if you are totally new to veganism, by the end the course you’ll feel confident in planning a nutritious vegan diet.
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