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Vegan Ketogenic Diet Diploma Course

Vegan Ketogenic Diet Diploma Course

While vegan and ketogenic diets are common and straightforward to follow, the vegan ketogenic diet is a little more complicated. How can you blend these two diets to create a diet that is healthy and meets your nutritional goals? The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Diploma Course will help you find out.

To understand how the two can be combined, the course first provides an overview of each of the diets individually – giving you a solid understanding of both the ketogenic, better known as ‘keto’, and vegan diets.

With this foundation set, the Vegan Ketogenic Diet Diploma Course breaks things down further – informing you about the key biological processes that you need to understand and the essential macro and micronutrients that should be included in every diet. We also look at the precautions you should take when following the vegan ketogenic diet, including common and less common side effects that may affect you temporarily.

In addition to providing the theory, the course explains the practical application, as you are guided through vegan ketogenic meal planning. We explore meat and dairy substitutes, supplements, tracking your intake, and creating meal plans. You’ll be provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack recipes, a workbook, which includes a 14-day plan, and resources to help you reflect on your health and diet. To spur you on, you’ll be supplied with scientific studies that back up the proposed health benefits of the vegan ketogenic diet.

Packed full of theoretical information and practical guidance, the Vegan Ketogenic Diet Diploma Course can take anyone from nutritional novice to fully implementing the vegan ketogenic diet into their lives. If you are currently working as a nutritional advisor, this course will give you the knowledge you need to best advise and guide your clients in the benefits of this diet and how to transition.

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce symptoms of diabetes or reduce the risk of heart disease, this course gives you everything you need to know to follow the vegan ketogenic diet and help you reach your wellness goals.
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