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Sports Massage Practitioner Course

Sports Massage Course - Learn Online | Accredited Training

Take your massage therapy business further with the Sports Massage Practitioner Course. You’ll learn how sports massage differs from other massage types, the theories you need to be aware of, the techniques used, client expectations and how to align with them, and how to run an effective business within this subset of your profession.

You’ll start out with the basics - what a sports massage is, how it differs from other massage types and how it evolved into the practice it is today, before learning about sports massage’s subtypes and the purposes of individual techniques.

The effects of sports massage are not singular but can be broken down into three components: physiological, physical, and psychological. The course explains how sports massage benefits each area and details particular benefits to the body, both before and after a sports event.

This online Sports Massage Course guides you through the massage techniques used in this therapy, covering Myofascial Release (MFR) Technique, Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, and Tapotement, along with other massage techniques. You’ll learn how each works and the different methods used within each type.

With the Sports Massage Practitioner Course, you’ll be taken beyond the theories and techniques of the practice, as you learn how to take these skills and apply them in your own sports massage practice. You’ll discover what it takes to be successful in the industry, how to create an environment that is aligned with your clients’ goals and expectations, and the equipment you’ll need, both day-to-day and for specific treatment types.

You’ll learn about the professional principles that need to be put in place and adhered to, in order to run a business that demonstrates integrity, professionalism and competence - providing high-quality treatments to every client and encouraging customer retention.

Another important and often overlooked area that the Sports Massage Practitioner Course covers is the keeping of client records. As with any data, it is important to know what information is required to best serve client needs and how this data is to be treated. You’ll learn what information is to be collated and the legal requirements regarding the storage and disposal of business records.

The Sports Massage Practitioner Course is designed for practising massage therapists and massage business owners looking to upskill and add additional services to their current offering. The course is also useful for sportspersons and those already working in the sports industry who would like to broaden their skillset and gain more knowledge of the body and the benefits of sports massage.
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