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Sociology Diploma Course

Sociology Diploma Course

Have you ever thought about the different groups in society and wondered what brings them together, why they function as they do, and what forces shape groups and communities?

Sociology addresses these questions by helping us to get a clear understanding of society and the kinds of social processes that take place in different groups. It also helps us to better understand ourselves, by examining how social influence affects the way we think.

The Sociology Diploma Course guides you through this subject and its power to both study and change our world. You’ll learn the fundamental principles of sociology and gain a clear understanding of how the different mechanisms of society interrelate.

The Sociology Diploma Course begins with an explanation of the subject, its historical background and some key theoretical perspectives in sociology.

We'll look at some important sociological perspectives and how they are used in sociology and shed some light on the theories of some prominent sociologists.

The course explores culture and subculture and the concept of society as a whole, including how societies influence the individuals that form them. We’ll take the discussion of society even further, by looking at the process of socialisation, followed by a dissection of the many forms of social groupings we find throughout the world, including an in-depth look at two of the major structures of a society's existence - marriage and family.

You'll discover the history of religion, religion as a sociological concept, various religious organisations and the different types of religion. Finally, we explore different forms of power and authority and sociology’s theoretical perspectives on government.

It will be of particular interest to anyone looking for a foundational level of knowledge from which to build upon with further study and will expose you to sub-topics within sociology in which you may wish to specialise.

It will also be interesting to you if you simply wish to better understand the world around you and your place within it.

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