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Project Management Diploma Course

Online Project Management Course | Learning and Training Diploma

The role of a project manager is multifarious. You’ll lead teams on diverse projects – steering them from start to finish, elevate your career prospects and provide tangible value, adapt to changes and be constantly learning, never be bored in your job and be well-paid to do it. We’re going to help you get there with this incredibly detailed online project management course, which examines the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques you need to know to be an effective project manager.

The course introduces the subject by jumping straight into explaining the role of a project manager, the range of methodologies they use, and an outline of the processes and knowledge necessary to be successful. You’ll learn about approaches to project management, including the traditional approach, the PRINCE2 Process Model, and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), amongst others. You’ll be shown how to breakdown the lifecycle of a project into phases to give your efforts structure and simplify them into a series of logical and manageable steps.

You will learn the project management concepts and tools, both manual and software-based, that effective project managers use to accomplish tasks and execute responsibilities, including how to use Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) and Gantt Charts. You’ll explore the various ways in which a project’s team is put together and organised depending on the requirements of the company and the project, the various typical roles within a team, and how to create a hierarchy of team members.

Having been shown briefly how to create a project life cycle in the introduction to the course, you are later shown this process in much greater depth. You’ll discover how every project is separated into five smaller processes or phases that are tailored to the needs of the project and which make up a project lifecycle. Each of these five processes is covered in incredible depth to give a comprehensive understanding of their purpose within the lifecycle. The phases discussed are Initiation and Planning, Processes: Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, Change Management, and Closure.

To ensure that the aim of a project is achieved as efficiently as is practicably possible requires proper coordination of processes and activities, this is known as Project Integration Management and is examined and described fully in this course. You’ll learn about what the role entails and the steps to take and processes to follow to be effective in the position and how to develop and incorporate and action and monitor a project management plan using proven methodologies.

Time, cost, and quality are a trio of variables that must be planned in from the beginning and tracked all the way through to the closure of a project, helping you to adjust resources as necessary throughout. The Project Management Diploma Course guides you through the tools and techniques used to ensure you stay on top of these important areas.

Critical to the success of any project and the most important resource at your disposal, is the people working on it – the project team. Projects get done by people, not by tools, techniques or technology and you’ll learn the considerations you need to make to ensure you get the best people onboard. One of the biggest downfalls of projects is not considering and preparing for any risks that will inevitably arise. You’ll learn to understand what is meant by risk and how to plan for and avoid the worst.

Aimed at those looking to gain a career in project management, this course outlines the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques necessary to be effective in the role. Studying this project management training course will provide you with a foundation of knowledge and the confidence to go onto study for project management-specific qualifications, such as PRINCE2 Foundation and APM RPP.

If you are currently working in a specialised and/or managerial role, you can use the skills and knowledge gained from this course to drastically improve your ability to manage projects within your role.
Online Project Management Course

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