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Kundalini Yoga Diploma Course

Kundalini Yoga Course | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

This powerful Kundalini Yoga Diploma will start you on the rich, transformative journey of this practice. From the techniques and disciplines you’ll learn throughout this Kundalini yoga online course you will be empowered to heal, grow and change both yourself and the world around you.

The course begins by teaching you what Kundalini yoga is, what it’s philosophies are and where it came from – including a little about how Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West. The numerous benefits of incorporating Kundalini yoga into your life are highlighted and you will broaden your knowledge of the Chakras, which are an integral part of this practice.

Prānayama (breathing techniques) and chanting, lie at the heart of Kundalini yoga. You will be guided through three essential Prānayama – ‘Breath of Fire’, ‘long deep breathing’ and ‘alternate nostril breathing’ and several important Kundalini mantra chants that are used at the start and end of each Kundalini yoga session. You will learn how to chant in unison with breathing and movement, to channel the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit, and employ simple techniques to ready yourself to practice and to regain focus during chanting when the mind goes adrift.

To practice Kundalini yoga, it is essential to understand kriyas, mudras, bandhas, and asanas. To stimulate and direct the flow of energy you will use mudras, bandhas, and asanas, which are various postures of the hands and body. Kriyas uses these in various sets, along with breath and sound, to work towards a specific outcome. Each of these important components is fully described within the course and illustrated examples of those that are most commonly practised are provided.

The purpose of the Kundalini Yoga Diploma Course is to increase your understanding of the practice and then to do it. You will be guided through what to expect when you start practising and how to be successful in this. You will take your first steps by considering the type of clothing to wear when practising, the diet you can follow, and safety aspects, such as warming up and preparing the body beforehand, you will also learn how each Kundalini session should begin and end.

You will be introduced to the three kriyas, which although basic and appropriate for beginners, are still considered to be essential for every practitioner and will set the foundation for your Kundalini yoga practice. Fully explained and illustrated, you will learn a "Kriya to get your energy moving", a "Kriya for Spinal Energy" and a "Nabhi Kriya to Set the Navel Centre".

With this strong foundation in place, the course broadens your understanding of the practice even further by guiding you through an additional four kriyas, which are designed to aid inner vitality and stamina, digestion, sleep, and pain relief. You will also learn a basic breath series, a meditation for releasing stress, and a series of Kundalini Yoga postures to clear the Chakras.

This fascinating course is for anyone looking to learn just how powerful Kundalini yoga can be. You must be prepared to read and absorb the information contained within and to carry out the exercises illustrated, to really get the most from the course and to gain a positive start to your journey in Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini yoga is described as the 'yoga of the householder' as, while it does have a spiritual element at its core, it provides practical, down-to-earth tools that everyone can use to become more able to cope with stress, fatigue, addictive or disserving behaviours, and all the other ills of modern life.

The course is also a great aid for practising yogis who are interested in expanding their knowledge and learning something new.
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