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Japanese for Beginners Diploma Course

Japanese for Beginners Diploma Course

The Japanese for Beginners Diploma Course will guide you in attaining a basic, conversational level of Japanese - speaking, reading, and writing. You’ll study sentence structure, grammar rules, and vocabulary in order to understand and be comfortable using the language.

Each of the course’s 12 modules is accompanied by an audio version to ensure accurate comprehension and ends with a multiple-choice assessment to test understanding.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Japanese, including basic grammar, writing and pronunciation. You’ll become comfortable with greetings and introductions, expressing your likes and dislikes and the things you have and want, describing the locations of items and people, using numbers, making plans, and using language that will aid you when travelling.

You’ll learn to construct basic sentences in past, present, and future tenses and how to conjugate verbs and adjectives to fit these forms. The course covers expressing continuous and completed actions, making requests and giving directions, describing abilities and talents, asking for and giving permission, expressing options, making comparisons, and giving advice.

This course: 

 Includes a downloadable audio version of each module (12 in total + an introduction and a conclusion)
 Provides simple explanations, useful examples and effective activities
 Ensures understanding with assessment questions
 Helps you learn to read and write Japanese Kanji
Aids you in becoming capable of having a basic conversation in Japanese

The Japanese for Beginners Diploma Course is perfect for you if you are completely new to the language, or have had very little experience with it, and wish to give yourself a solid foundation to build upon.

It will help you get to a conversational level of comprehension that will help when travelling, working or studying in Japan. It also acts as a good entry point to the language, should you wish to carry on to further study.

Of course, you can also take the course if you are simply interested in Japanese history and culture and wish to become further engrossed in it.
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