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Improve Your Memory Diploma Course

Improve Your Memory Diploma Course

Whether actively or passively, your memory is something that you use every day. The Improve Your Memory Diploma Course teaches you the mechanics behind memory and teaches techniques that will aid your ability to recall information, in both your academic and everyday life.

To begin to improve your memory, you must first understand memory itself. You will discover how memories form, what factors go into their creation, what the various types of memories are and how each type differs. The Improve Your Memory Diploma Course also looks at the psychological aspects of memories and the way in which these can shape an individual’s personality.

The course looks at how, through various factors, the human brain can contaminate a memory and create false memories. You will also learn which part of the brain controls managerial functions that rationalise the decisions you make.

In addition to explaining how the brain works and how memories are formed, the Improve Your Memory Course also teaches you about various Memory Principles and how they aid our ability to retain and recollect information. You will learn about Memory Principles such as Repetition, Exaggeration, and Chunking and factors such as Association, Imagination, and Location. Two important factors in improving your memory are given particular attention: visualisation and meditation.

With the foundations laid, the bulk of the course discusses various memory systems and techniques, explaining why and how they work. You will learn how the use of mnemonic devices and even effective note-taking can improve your memory and why the human brain is particularly prone to remembering a good story or song lyrics (often of songs we don’t like). The age old technique of Memory Palaces and the Method of Loci are also explained, along with the Linking Method and Similar Sounding Technique.

The most important technique in the field of mnemonics, the Improve Your Memory Course explains how to use the Number Peg System. This technique may at first seem complex but this course gives you a straightforward explanation that shows you how easy, and most importantly, effective it is. You will be guided through putting the system to use to both practice it and to see how useful it is for yourself. You will also learn how you can apply the techniques you have learned in the course to remember specific things, such as names, places, presentations, passwords, formulas, important dates, daily tasks, scripts and speeches, and words from foreign languages.

In addition to teaching you methods and techniques that help you to improve your memory, the course also explains how to pass what you have learned onto others. You will discover the fundamental rules of learning and how to teach the techniques covered in the course to others, as a Memory Trainer. Even if you don’t wish to make a career of it, teaching others, even friends and family, will help you to concretise your understanding of the topic.

The Improve Your Memory Course is perfect for anyone who struggles to remember things or if you would like to make a practical effort to improve your memory – a tool that you use every day.

While this course will be of particular benefit if you are studying, the techniques and methods described can be used in day-to-day life, from recalling what’s on your To Do list and remembering the names of people you have just met, to memorising speeches for presentations and words of foreign languages. Additionally, you can teach what you have learned from the course, in a career as a Memory Trainer.

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