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Shadow Mastery Diploma Course

Shadow Mastery Course & Exercises | Integrating the Shadow

You may not be aware of your shadow but it’s present in each of us. It’s that part of you that you refuse to see in yourself, though you may be a little aware of it – your dark side, your personal shadow, your disowned and repressed self - the parts of you that you don't claim as your own.

The Shadow Mastery Diploma Course aims to guide you on your shadow work journey. Embark on this journey with us to understand your whole self, to develop and grow, and become authentically you, whilst discovering boosts in energy, creativity, and maturity in your perception of both yourself and others. Own your shadow.

The Shadow Mastery Diploma Course begins by outlining what shadow work is, its benefits, the dangers of repression, and what you need to be aware of before you start your shadow work journey.

The foundations lain, you’ll be taken through the theory of the practice - looking at Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud’s take on shadow work, with particular focus on Jung and his work.

From here, you’ll move on to modern shadow work theory - discovering how the shadow is formed and how it affects and explains behaviour. Jung’s framework of Archetypes is explained – a list of 12 archetypes used to define human behaviours and how the shadow side of each can manifest itself.

With a good comprehension of the theory, you’ll then move onto practical ways to integrate with your shadow, as you are guided through the preparations you must make before engaging with shadow work. You’ll learn how to centre and ground yourself, practice compassion and self-love, cultivate self-awareness, practice radical honesty, and how to get the assistance you’ll need to start your shadow work journey.

With preparations made, you’ll dive into shadow work - learning a broad range of techniques from both psychological and spiritual perspectives, to help you undertake effective shadow work. You’ll also learn to recognise and understand the blocks you may come up against as you proceed.

The Shadow Mastery Diploma Course, and the follow-up Advanced Shadow Mastery Course, are essential for anyone who wants to delve into, and understand, themselves completely, with the goal of healing, becoming happier, and being more successful. You’ll become conscious of your darkest self and pursue the opportunity shadow works presents for enormous growth, development and personal awakening.

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