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Journal Therapy Diploma Course

Journal Therapy Course | Journaling and Writing Therapy Online

While most people accept the potential benefits of keeping a journal or diary, the objective of the Journal Therapy Diploma Course is to offer you something much more substantial than a guide to diary writing. It aims to prove to you the cathartic experience of true journal therapy and give you the tools to develop your own therapeutic journaling habit. It also aims to direct coaches and counsellors who are keen to use journal therapy as part of their own practice towards the techniques and structures that will prove most effective.

The Journal Therapy Diploma Course kicks off by discussing therapeutic journaling as a specific tool for professional coaches and counsellors to use with clients, and what personal qualities make for an effective journal therapist.

This leads onto a general overview of journal therapy, with a definition of the process and an examination into the meaning behind ‘expressive writing’ and how journaling in this way works to support emotional wellbeing.

The Journal Therapy Course introduces you to the structures and support methods that are used in journal therapy and the tools and environment needed for effective, therapeutic journaling. You’ll also be provided with some powerful journaling prompts to get you started, before being exposed to some of the most popular and effective techniques used in therapeutic journaling. These include list making, writing letters, capturing moments, biographical statements, dialogue and sprints.

You’ll explore the scientific links between journaling and healing and how to effectively use journaling in your own healing or as an aid when working with clients. You’ll learn the specifics of using journaling in grief therapy, trauma recovery, and in the management of stress, anxiety and depression. You’ll also look at what dreams are and how they can be used in therapeutic journaling - learning how to start and use a dream journal.

Journaling can enhance your creativity, prompting you to create new ways of expressing and discovering yourself. The Journal Therapy Diploma Course explains the differences and similarities between creative and therapeutic journaling and the many benefits of creative journaling and the different forms it takes. The course also looks at how journaling can be used as a tool for career and life coaches – highlighting ways to use therapeutic journaling for career advancement and exploring new career options.

Journaling can benefit everyone and anyone. The Journal Therapy Diploma Course examines the different types of journaling that can be useful depending on your needs and even the kind of person you are. You’ll also be provided with 30 journaling prompts that can be used each day across the course of a month to help you in developing your own powerful journaling habit.

Whether you or your clients live with anxiety or depression, whether you are currently going through the grieving process or whether you are an artist who has come up against a creative block, therapeutic journaling can help you overcome the obstacles and challenges you face.

Through studying the Journal Therapy Diploma Course you’ll gain the tools, knowledge and the confidence to start your own personal course of journal therapy or, if you’re a coach or counsellor, to bring it into your professional practice in either 1-on-1 sessions or group discussions.
Journal Therapy Course | Journaling and Writing Therapy Online

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