Instagram Stories For Business - Grow Instagram Sales 2021
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Instagram Stories For Business - Grow Instagram Sales 2021

Instagram Stories For Business - Grow Instagram Sales 2021

Instagram Stories For Business - Grow Instagram Sales 2021

Use Instagram Stories For Marketing and Increase Sales of Your Goods & Services. Convert Loyal Followers Into Customers

- Step-by step plan for creating high quality stories
- How to create a content plan template
- Learn dozens of real life examples
- Get more new followers
- Boost your sales with stories

Instagram Stories For Business - Instagram Sales Machine is a course, that will show you the exact strategy on how you can increase your sales through Instagram by using Instagram Stories.

Using these Instagram Stories marketing tips and strategies will allow you to constantly grow your business, sell more goods or services depending on your type of business increase your loyal fan base and convert viewers into customers.

Instagram Story marketing strategies given in this course are easy to apply - you can be the owner of a small online shop of t-shirts or a bigger type of business - they are applicable to any of these.

You can perceive this course as Instagram Stories marketing 101 - everything you need to know will be covered here.

I'm pretty sure you want to grow your account fast and sell more using modern social media tools.

If so - this course is a great fit for you, because it contains real-world marketing strategies & tactics for growing your business with  Instagram and Stories in particular.

I know how to achieve that, and I want to share this knowledge with you!

This course contains great Instagram marketing tips for business - if you want to sell your goods or services it will show you exactly how to do that.

I'll explain how people make buying decisions on Instagram and how you can speed up this process.

You'll discover different strategies for Instagram Stories growth which gave amazing results since this feature was first introduced, and also which ones would be trending in 2021.

This course will cover up how you should use a step-by-step plan for creating high-quality stories, you'll get a content plan template with dozens of examples and as the main goal, this will give your business more sales.

You'll learn how to grab attention with stickers, text, drawings, and music, how to film and edit videos for Instagram Stories.

Also, you'll get a few PDF downloads - checklists, templates, and cheat sheets to get you up and running.

We will talk about Instagram Stories goals - How to improve relationships with current followers, gain new followers, and get discovered with stories.

I will show you how to use locations, hashtags, mentions, surveys, questions to get the most from your profile.

Also very important part is driving traffic to your Instagram account and website - here you'll see how to unlock the swipe-up feature, use product testimonials, videos, blog posts, freebies, call to action to increase your results.

In this course, more than 20 different content types would be covered and you'll learn how to use and recreate them for best practices.

And for sure I will introduce you to the Instagram Live broadcast feature, best practices of using it, and different branding and style design tips to make your profile look like candy ;)

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Aside from being an effective way to promote your business, successful Instagram marketing campaigns can cultivate a community based around your products, services, or personality. No matter what you’re selling, Instagram can be used to increase brand awareness and boost product familiarity.

What is Instagram marketing and what are the different types?

Instagram marketing allows both individuals and brands to expand their reach and connect with their target audience using the Instagram app. Through images, videos, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels, marketers create and share compelling content that educates, entertains, and engages their audience. 

Instagram marketers often focus on increased reach by adding followers, nurturing leads with interesting or helpful content, and selling products either in-app or redirecting followers to the brand’s website. By providing value to its followers, Instagram marketers can build an engaged fan base that is more likely to purchase their products or services. Influencer marketing is also popular on Instagram, allowing brands to reach a new audience that is highly trusting of the influencer’s recommendations.

What are some of the alternatives to Instagram marketing?

The core of every marketing strategy involves reaching your ideal customers where they are. While Instagram has a wide base of over 1 billion monthly users, not every demographic has an equal presence on the app. It’s much more popular with the 25-34 age group than the 55-64 age group, for example. 

Alternatives to Instagram marketing include leveraging other social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Other marketing strategies include an SEO-focused website and blog, podcasting, email marketing, and direct mail. 

Many marketers include Instagram marketing alongside these other channels as part of a cohesive marketing plan. Instagram provides an opportunity to re-use marketing materials, like photos and videos, that you may also use on your website or another social media site.

What careers use Instagram marketing?

Many marketing and advertising jobs use Instagram marketing in their daily activities. Social media marketers are a niche specialty, focused specifically on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to build awareness and encourage engagement on brand accounts. Other careers use Instagram marketing as part of a larger marketing strategy. For example, content marketers create blog posts, webinars, eBooks, and more to guide a prospective buyer through the customer journey. 

Part of that process includes content promotion, which means content marketers use platforms like Instagram to share their creations. Product marketers may use Instagram marketing as a promotional tool to share the features and benefits of new releases. And public relations specialists use Instagram marketing to build awareness and goodwill for their clients.

Why is Instagram a good marketing platform?

As an image and video sharing platform, Instagram allows brands to create a unique and recognizable visual identity for their businesses. With add-ons like polls, question stickers, and countdowns, Instagram stories encourage audience engagement and response. This can help you gather customer data and feedback and better serve your audience. Hashtags make new content searchable, giving users a way to find brands that might interest them and letting companies find users who might be potential leads. 

Instagram is also an excellent source of user-generated content (UGC) featuring a product or business location. Brands can repurpose those user-generated photos or videos as a promotional tool on their own feeds. Finally, Instagram has several in-app selling features, like Instagram Shopping and shoppable posts. These options cut down the steps between the user’s exposure to a product and the point of purchase.


- You need to have an Instagram account
- Iphone or Android phone with pre-installed app
- During the course you'll need to convert your account into a business account if you hadn't done this before

Who this course is for:

- Beginner to advanced Instagram users who are willing to sell their goods or services through Instagram using stories
- Marketers and business owners of all levels

Instagram Stories For Business - Grow Instagram Sales 2021
Instagram Stories For Business: Instagram Sales Machine

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