Facebook Marketing Don’t Spend on Ads increase organic reach
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Facebook Marketing Don’t Spend on Ads increase organic reach

Facebook Marketing Don’t Spend on Ads increase organic reach

Facebook Marketing Don’t Spend on Ads increase organic reach

Learn how to Increase your Facebook Page Posts Organic reach in 2018 instead of Spending on expansive Facebook Ads.

- After taking this course students will be able to get organic likes on their page.
- Students will learn how to make their facebook page fully search engines optimized
- Students will learn how to increase the organic reach of their page posts.
- Students will learn how the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm works and how to adjust to the Algorithm.
- After taking this course Students will learn how to do Facebook Marketing organically.

Facebook Marketing organically

You will be definitely getting frustrated with how low your Facebook page post visibility is? Not getting the reach and engagement you think your content deserves?  You will also Want to see more engagement from your fans but you are unsure where to start? These are common complaints from businesses that are trying to harness the power of Facebook, but finding it difficult to locate that elusive power.

You might know that Facebook does not show your post in the news feed to all those people who are connected with your page, but It show it to a very small percentage of it

Way back in 2012, organic reach on Facebook was at an all-time high of 16%, this was down to 6.5% in 2014, and since changes to Facebook’s algorithm this year, brands are seeing organic reach even more lower.

And at this point marketers start saying that Facebook organic reach is dead, which is wrong, Facebook organic reach is not dead but the marketers are going against the rules of Facebook that is why their organic reach is going lower and lower

Facebook says that The goal of News Feed is to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them. And Facebook says that Ideally, we want News Feed to show all the posts that people want to see in the order they want to read them.

And for this purpose Facebook have designed an algorithm to filter posts for showing in the news feed of each individual because Facebook cares about each individual and their experience on Facebook.  Every single person sees an aggregation of all the posts from personal connections like friends, people they are following, pages they have liked and groups they are a member of.  On average each person can receive over 3000 pieces of news each daily. It is impossible for all these news stories to be seen in the news feed so Facebook news feed algorithm helps out by filtering.

Now if you follow the Facebook news feed algorithm rules so your post will rank higher in those 3 thousand pieces of news each daily and hence Facebook will show your post to your audience in their news feed

Facebook’s news feed algorithm filters posts based on many factors, and beside Facebook news feed algorithm there are some more important things that effect the visibility of your post in the news feed of your audience

So in this course we will discuss step by step that how the Facebook news feed algorithm works, and how to adjust to the algorithm, how to create post that get more organic reach and all the important things that effect the organic reach of your post on Facebook.

Organic Facebook Marketing trick

To increase your organic reach on Facebook you will need to get engagement on your page posts and you will get engagement then when your audience are interested in your business, and getting interested audience on your Facebook business page is only possible when your page is search engine optimized because a search engine optimized page appear in the search results when someone search for it, now if some one is searching for your business on Facebook and Facebook show them your page in the search results so that way you will get interested audience on your page, and interested audience on page mean more engagement and more engagement lead to more reach, so in the first section of this course you will learn how to make your Facebook business page fully search engine optimized, once your page is optimized you will see daily hundreds of organic likes on your page, and at the end of the day your Facebook marketing will be effective.

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Facebook is big with businesses, thanks to the social media platform’s suite of marketing and ad tools. Facebook allows users to set up business pages that build brand awareness, advertise new products and services, and interact with their base. Plus, Facebook Ads are a powerful way to access a target audience.

What are the different types of marketing on Facebook?

The most common type of marketing on Facebook is Facebook Ads. The format types of Facebook Ads include Link Click, Lead Generation, Collection, Canvas, Carousel (or Multi-Product), Slideshow, Image, and Video ads. Implementing these ads can drive traffic to your website or increase likes or engagement. Other types of marketing on Facebook includes sponsored stories, promoted posts, hosting giveaways and contests, and using social media marketing through your Facebook page. Knowing the types of marketing will aid you when planning Facebook marketing campaigns.

What skills do I need to be good at Facebook marketing?

To succeed at Facebook marketing, you should strive to elevate your communication and writing skills. That way, you will successfully know how to put your ideas into words to captivate and engage your audience. Also, you should have impressive content curation skills to understand what to share (such as graphics, photos, and videos). Analytical skills will help you evaluate the performance of Facebook Ads. Finally, you should have excellent strategic skills — you must know what works and what does not to improve the performance of your content and page.

Is Facebook marketing profitable?

Yes, Facebook marketing can be profitable for many. To make more of an impact with your Facebook marketing, consider using custom audiences. Facebook custom audiences are refined lists of people who have expressed interests in your content and business. Using this type of targeting can help you minimize how much you spend on ads and maximize your ROI. You can create a custom audience based on website traffic or content engagement. Successfully research your customers to understand their wants, needs, desires, and values and target appropriate people to increase your Facebook marketing profitability.


- A laptop and internet connection is required
- Interest in learning organic Facebook Marketing

Who this course is for:

- This course is for those who want to increase their facebook page post organic reach.
- This cousrse is for those who want to increase the visibility of their facebook page post in the newsfeed of their audience.
- Those who want engagement on their page post from their audience and want to keep their audience connected with their page to see future posts from their page.
- This course is for those who want to learn Organic Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Don’t Spend on Ads increase organic reach
Facebook Marketing: Don’t Spend on Ads increase organic reach

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