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Free Shopify Tutorial - Build a highly converting Shopify store | complete guide

Free Shopify Tutorial - Build a highly converting Shopify store | complete guide

Build a highly converting Shopify store | complete guide

Learn how to use PageFly to create 8 most critical pages that boost sales for your Shopify store

  • Design and build a beautiful online store without coding
  • Sell any product you want at minimum cost
  • Build a Shopify Dropshipping store from scratch
  • Optimize a Shopify store for conversions
  • How to convince customers to buy a product through the Product Page
  • Crucial Elements every Home Page should have
  • How to Create An Impactful About Page For Your Store
  • How to make a Landing Page that CONVERTS. - Conversion Tips and Tricks
  • Guide to build an Collection Page that converts visitors
  • Tips for Creating a Great Customer Testimonial Page
  • Build your FAQ Page to match your store design - save customer support time
  • Build Contact page - a Door to connect with your customers
  • By the end of this course you will learn to build a highly converting Shopify Store
  • Master PageFly

Greetings e-tailers, and welcome to the course.

My name is Julian and I’ll be teaching you how to use the PageFly Advanced Shopify Page Builder to make sure your eCommerce site reaches its full potential.Have you ever seen an amazing online store and wished you could incorporate some of the more advanced elements into your own? This is a common occurrence. 
Sadly, without the proper coding skills, it can be difficult to make the Shopify storefront look and behave exactly how you want it to. So while the beauty of Shopify is in its ease-of-use, merchants can find themselves frustrated with the design limitations in the native theme editor.

Different themes have different features, sure. But many are built to cater to a specific industry or audience, with little to no control over any page other than the homepage. The key to success in eCommerce is to optimize every page by including features and elements that create a fluid user experience and contribute to an overall increase in conversion. You’ll need to be able to further customize your store in order to achieve this.

So first of all, congratulations! By enrolling in this course, you’ve just taken the first step toward harnessing full creative control over every page on your Shopify storefront. This series of tutorials is designed for Shopify eCommerce merchants that are looking for a way to have unbridled influence over the appearance and functionality of their store.

Your online shop is your pride and joy, so every page deserves your full attention! The PageFly Advanced Shopify Page Builder gives users access to feature-rich web design capabilities all within an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can build pages from scratch or take advantage of many cutting-edge templates to give your site the style and utility it needs.

Throughout this course, you’ll have the opportunity to follow along as we recreate some amazing web pages using PageFly. You’ll have access to supplementary articles explaining the theory, importance and functionality of each type of page, and you’ll also be given some practise assignments to test your new skills with follow-up solution videos to make sure you don’t experience any frustrations with PageFly.

We’ll demonstrate how to build pages from scratch, so by the end of the course you can treat the page editor as a blank canvas on which to begin designing your own masterpieces.

With that, let’s start building some amazing eCommerce pages!

Why you should enroll:

- You have a desire to become a successful Shopify merchant

- You're artistic and love web design but lack the advanced coding abilities

- You want total control over your eCommerce site

- You want an affordable solution to Shopify design limitations

- You want access to great resources and an ongoing support base

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  • A Shopify store
  • A minimum of a half day's time to invest in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Shopify merchants who have a little bit of experience with Shopify
  • PageFly merchants who want to become a Store Design expert
  • Print On Demand entrepreneurs
  • Dropshipping entrepreneurs
  • Merchants who are running Facebook ads
  • People who want to make money with Shopify Affiliate

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Free Shopify Tutorial - Build a highly converting Shopify store | complete guide

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